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About Hua

Clan Mother Hua Anwa is a Metis Elder, a teacher of mixed Mayan and Cherokee descent and an adopted Chumash who has been leading ceremony on the Central Coast for nearly thirty years.  She is the spiritual leader of the Circles of Empowerment.  

Circles of Empowerment serves a very diverse population including many members, both men and women but primarily women, people who are in need of grounding, guidance, stability and loving support as they face the many challenges of modern life in contemporary society. 

While the organization is non-denominational, it offers a Native American inspired Medicine Way that encourages every member to delve deeply into their own tribal affiliations in the belief that we all possess a spiritual connection to the Earth Mother in an authentic, unique and yes indigenous way that we may honor by our sobriety, discipline, sharing of traditional knowledge ways and the building of a dedicated community in support of one another and for the benefit of global healing.  Circles of Empowerment's primary means of offering support to individuals is to provide them with a safe space for ceremonial expression and healing.  We hold respect for the power of the circle, for shared prayers and we facilitate and lead group meetings on a regular basis year round.

Hua is a long time resident of the Central Coast, and has been leading an annual celebration of the traditional Long Dance for nearly two decades now. Falling on or about the autumnal equinox each year and lasting a few days, the Long Dance event gathers together some one hundred or more women into a great community circle of drumming, singing, sweat lodge and teaching that culminates in an all night ceremony lasting from sunset to sunrise. With the event held on remote private land near Lopez Lake, both men and women participate in the village building and the communal creation of sacred space that makes possible this highpoint of the spiritual calendar. It is a mighty undertaking, requiring weeks and months of advance planning, organization, and the gathering together of materials, resources and various community partners.

In addition to the Long Dance and Full Moon circle which she leads in Arroyo Grande, Hua also offers classes, teachings, services and counseling to a wide variety of audiences, individuals and her extended community.  See her offerings page for more information on the types of healings, ceremonies and teachings she can make available for you.  Hua also makes beautiful and powerful ceremonial jewelry which is for sale thru a website and she can make custom designs as well, including particular stones or cherished pieces you have long hoped to wear in a special way. 

Empowerment, beauty and wisdom - in the myriad forms these take - these are the gifts that Hua shares with her community.  Please join us if you feel the call!  There are many ways to participate and learn more what it means to be a human being fully engaged in this amazing journey that is our life.

There is a nice article from the San Luis Obsipo Tribune about Hua, written by Gayle Cuddy.  And here is another recent article about Hua from the Women's Press, published in San Luis Obispo county.

Feel free to contact Hua either by email or call her at (805) 481 0892 with any questions.


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