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 An Invitation to Ceremony

This Spring there are a few offerings that will be ideal for welcoming you into a deepened ceremonial practice. Please RSVP to secure your spot!. 

On the weekend of June 13th and 14th the community and I will be constructing and opening a new Sweat Lodge and then on the weekend of June  27th and 28th I am offering a two-day intensive on Empowerment Through Ritual and Ceremony with special consideration for our ceremonial Home Lodge and Thunder Lodge. 

It's my honor and pleasure to welcome you to our new Sweat Lodge. This is an amazing opportunity to get involved as we re-establish this beautiful ceremony in our lives after a year and a half hibernation. We have made the request from Spirit and our prayers have been answered. For those of you who already know Ron and Leslie, and know their deep commitment to Spirit, I'm sure you know their hearts and dedication to embracing ceremony and our community as their own.

Their intentionality to create a sweet spot of land and to include us has been inspiring and lifting us up as a deep gift. So, let us show up for that beautiful offering on June 13th and 14th and put up our house of prayer and healing. We've scouted the land and the land has shown us where we're going to put it and we have the freedom to develop this sweet spot to the best of our needs.

Please let me invite you to view this Inipi sweat lodge teaching and to invite your beloveds to join us in preparation, ceremony, and welcoming this lodge back into our lives. As always, the community events are posted here, on the Circles of Empowerment site, including our dates for Sweat Lodge offerings, and I encourage you to register for Long Dance, to set your intention and to start your ceremonial preparations today. Please RSVP with me directly for additional information and to secure your place in the class. 

Hua Anwa

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