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Current news - what's happening in the world of Hua?
Here's where you can learn more about Hua, her teachings, services and offerings and links to other members of the community.  Go to the Circles of Empowerment newsletter for the current schedule of events!

25th annual event
Wednesday - Sunday
Sept., 2015

see Women's Press: Why Do You Go To Long Dance?
see Hua in the Tribune

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Post-LD Lodge Lead Call
Thursday, October 9th  6:00-8:00pm
Conference Call 1-567-314-1136  #714621

Elders Gathering in Guatemala
October 13-24th

Long Dance Power Circle

November 13th, 6:00 - 8:00 pm, 2nd Thursday
Conference Call 1-567-314-1136  #714621
Calling all sisters and brothers who are ready to step into leadership in an exciting way! Bring your voice forward into the creation of this year's Long Dance ceremony. As one sister has said, "We don't just put on the party. This IS the party!"
Contact Hua for more information or call (805) 481-0892.

For more details on all these events, read below and/or see  the September Newsletter

Earth Medicine Alliance talk (MP3 download):

At the 2012 conference "Celebrating Ancestral Wisdom" representatives of four earth-honoring paths participated in an interfaith panel on the topic of ancestor reverence. Presenters included Awo Ifagbemi (Ifa/Orisha tradition), Hua Anwa (Red Road, Native ways), Chandra Alexandre (Shakta Tantra), and T Thorn Coyle (European Pagan ways). For the full recording of this lively discussion: click on this link.

12-21-2012 (MP3 download):

Listen to Hua's reflections on her trip to Guatemala during the famed 2012 Winter Solstice.  This profound ceremonial occasion marks the end of the Mayan calendar and the start of a new Age of Honey.  Download her talk here.

A NOTE FROM HUA for September 2014:

Carrying Forward the Community of Long Dance
Well done!!! What a beautiful Long Dance ceremony! Happy New Year!

24 was so much more! She was dressed so magnificently. It's extraordinary
how a passionate focus can manifest in such a beauty-filled way. Right?!? We hosted ourselves with high integrity, we dealt with the issues that came before us to the best and highest awareness we have. We are now in the receiving of the reaction to our action - our prayers. So hang on, be open, and allow your change to manifest. Hearing the testimony from sisters and brothers has been a joy, rom those saying it was a hard year and those that had an amazing year. Every Long Dance has different elements to it and we meet it with our Warrior Self from the inside and the outside. In the coming year of the Buffalo, keep your balance strong, my family.

Thank you all so much for your standing in the Long Dance. Aho!

Many Blessings and Much Love,
Hua Anwa

Join A Power Circle!

We have created a new tool to maximize the efforts of our amazing community.  Power Circles are being formed for every major hub of activity that falls under the umbrella  of Circles of Empowerment.   

Power Circles are semi-independent groups that involve our community directly in decision making. 

Think there should be a new class?  Join the Classes Power Circle.

Want to see different event choices at Long Dance?  Join the Long Dance Power Circle. 

Want to grow Spirit Dance into a major event on the spiritual calendar?  Join the Spirit Dance Power Circle.

Want to build our permanent Village of Empowerment, an intentional community based on sustainability & permaculture? Join the Church Power Circle.

The new Power Circles are in formation! 

 No acts of volunteerism are too small, so be bold and step up.  You'll be amazed by how amazing you are! 


Mark your calendars now for these events that Circles of Empowerment will be offering in 2014:

Sweat Lodge is asleep for the winter 

Women's Full Moon ceremony  is asleep

* Sacred Pipe Ceremony throughout the year.

* Teaching Circles

Spirit Dance Ceremony -
* 24th Annual Long Dance - Sept 18- 21, 2014 
* Vision Quest

* Travels to other communities, including Pantheacon February 2014, Mexica New Year in March 2014, Deer Mountain Youth & Wisdom Keepers Fire Council in August 2014

We who sponsor and offer these Ceremonies and events are passionately committed to serving you in these ways. There are ways that you too can support our vision for community. One big need is through financial contributions. Please go to the Circles of Empowerment website to see how you too can contribute to the vitality of our growing community.


For more info on Long Dance go to www.longdance.org

Or send a Large SASE to:

Circles of Empowerment

P.O. Box 76

Arroyo Grande, CA 93421

Upcoming News

Please see the Long Dance site for our schedule of special events at www.longdance.org


Hua interviewed by Earth Medicine Alliance.  Watch this seven part interview for an hour of teachings and commentary by Hua on the topics of Ritual and Ceremony


This is a women's prayer ceremony. This is a great first time ceremony for anyone wanting to explore our Medicine Way here at the Church. Wear a skirt and layers (for that little nip at night), bring a box of tea, a potluck something to nosh on, water. It will be very good to see and be with all the sisters.  Please remember that we always need good drinking water here on the grounds for ceremony and Sisters please also bring a six pack of white flowers for beauty way around the wheel :)


Sweat Lodges were given to the people all over the world, thousands of years ago to help improve their lives.  The Sweat Lodge is a sacred place to explore, develop and enhance our relationship to 'All That Is' and it acts as an accelerator to spiritual growth.  The ceremony is a powerful way to pray, and it cleanses us, heals us and helps us to grow.

If you have never attended a Sweat Lodge, or would like more information about how to have a good sweat experience in general, please read this PDF for some helpful info and guidelines.

Hua has been pouring water for nearly 30 years.  She is fully qualified to lead a safe, beautiful sweat and she creates a dynamic space of sacred prayer and transfomation with her seasoned, experienced insight into the mysteries and wonders of the Sweat Lodge ceremony.

Men and women are welcome to join us and keep in mind to dress modestly - women dress in a sweat dress or skirt; men wear shorts and a tee shirt.  You are welcome to come in an hour early to help with set up.  In the event of rain, an indoor ceremony will be offered, with all other details remaining the same.

Wood donations are gleefully appreciated, as are monetary donations towards wood purchases.

There is a Potluck after Sweat Lodge, so bring your favorite dish to share and a gallon of good drinking water to donate!  
For the attendees, it is always proper etiquette to bring giveaway offerings for the 4 to 6 officers of the sweat to acknowledge their efforts on all our behalf.  (Giveaway is a gift of your choice and/or tobacco offering showing your appreciation for officers providing services at Ceremonies).
When having ceremonies here at the church facilities, we require good drinking water for all to drink and for the sweat lodge ceremonies themselves. We are on a well here whose water is not good for drinking. So PLEASE bring a gallon of good water to share. 

 Vision Quest and Elder Vision Quest

When we Quest, we ask for support for the Questers, in the form of:

  - Energy and Prayers during the Questing.
 -  There will be a support team there the whole time so food and wood and water will be needed.
 -  A monetary donation to support this endeavor will be gratefully received. These donations will help to cover our    expenses. It can be any amount  to show your support for theses relations that are seeking vision for themselves and for the whole community.

Since the beginning of this cycle of time, humanity has returned to nature to connect with spirit and to seek answers to problems of the physical realms, especially in these days when the messages of prophecy reveal themselves to the seeker. In its own way, the vision quest is an Initiation not unlike the days of the ancient mystery school teachings where one learns about themselves and the mysteries of the universe are often revealed to them. Who am I? Why am I here? It is a time of internal transformation and renewal.

A Vision Quest usually lasts two to four days within a circle, in which time the seeker delves deeply into their soul. The physical surroundings will allow the spirit to move into a dimensional reality of total connectedness. In ancient times, the entire clan prepared for the Vision Quest, supporting with food, wood, prayers and other support. The clan watched for the return of the Questers to hear the visions they had received for the well-being of the entire clan.

Readings, Cleansings & Retrievals

Tarot Readings from Hua:
$50.00 Contribution
Tarot Card Readings
I have been reading cards since I was 18, when I got my first deck, and I have been reading ever since. I come from a tradition that allows you to see what Creator wants you to know, in a co-creative manner, what you have conjured up for yourself. It is a wonderful tool that lets you know the potential of what can be happening for you. I use the Ryder-Waite deck and 30 years of reading experience.  Please contact me regarding long distance readings as well!
Call to set up appointments. Open from 1 pm to 9 pm.  805.481.0892  International and long distance readings are welcome, and tapes can be mailed per prior arrangement.  See my 
offerings page for other classes and services

Personal Cleansing Ritual

$100.00 contribution

A person may come to me feeling as though they have been psychically or energetically attacked. They may feel as though something negative has been attached, sucking their energies away. We call this feeling being shot with “dark arrows.” I use sacred powerful medicines that have been passed to me through the years, to cut the ties of attachment, the energetic cables and wires which I can see attached to that person. I use special eyes and other clair-senses: guides, listening - my whole bag of tricks - to clean up what is not theirs, that which has gotten in the way, attached to where it does not belong.


Soul Retrieval

$200 contribution

Soul retrieval is a shamanic practice, part of a long standing ancient shamanic tradition of journeying to dimensional worlds beyond the ordinary plane of material reality in order to gain new insights about what is happening in the here and now. Soul retrieval honors the knowing that illness and diseases can start in non-physical worlds, and have their root in non-physical causes beyond the reach of ordinary medical practices.

My particular soul retrieval practice is informed by many previous lifetimes as a healer, as well as decades of deep experience in this one as a certified massage therapist and spiritual counselor. During the soul retrieval, I journey to various spiritual dimensions and, with the guidance of my spirit helpers and guides, bring back some of the broken soul pieces which have gone missing from the seeker's spirit and psyche.

The process can be intense and rewarding, and I have seen many people gain great benefit from receiving back these missing pieces. 'Soul loss' is a significant issue in our modern world and soul retrieval is one of the major antidotes to that debilitating problem.

Hua invited to speak at local events on the Central Coast and beyond

Hua is honored to be an invited Elder at the Deer Mountain Youth and Elder Wisdom Fire Council hosted by Earth People's United in August 2010, 2011 and again in 2012.  She has been traveling and speaking a lot these past couple of years.  Locally, Hua has been featured as a guest speaker in multiple venues in the last part of 2009, including the Cambria 350 event to encourage awareness of carbon issues and global warming in October, the Hopedance film screening of the 13 Grandmothers movie in San Luis Obispo September 2010.  At another 2010 Cambria gathering in honor of the past Winter Solstice, prayers were exchanged with Mayan spiritual leader Tata OmeAkaEhekatl Erick Gonzalez, with whom she has participated in several events. 

In 2011, Hua has been an invited speaker at the Earth Medicine Alliance conference in San Francisco, and she will return again in 2012.  She returned to Deer Mountain for the sixth annual gathering - an extraordinary event, and will participate in the seventh year in 2012. 

In the summer of 2010, she spoke at the Salon for the Spiritually Creative Life held at Pasadena's Institute for Art & Philosophy, and is a featured writer in the stunning book by Carol Soucek King celebrating the Under the Bridges at Arroyo Del Rey, now available on Amazon. 

Hua is available for special talks, teachings and community events.  Please feel free to contact her for your event at 805.481.0892.

Church Donations Accepted

To make monetary contributions (tax deductible) make your check out to:

Church of Empowerment
PO Box 76
Arroyo Grande, CA 93420

Hua In the Press:

Hua is in the Tribune August 2010

Hua is in the March/April issue of 
Women's Press


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