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For Individuals:                                                            As A Group Facilitator:

Soul Retrieval                                                               Weddings
Power Totem Retrieval                                                   Blessing Way
House Blessings/Cleansing & Protection                           Memorials
Private Spiritual Counseling                                            Family Gatherings
Personal Cleansing Ritual
Tarot & Medicine Card Readings                                    Community Offerings:
Channeled Spirit Readings                                              
                                                                                  Full Moon Ceremony for Women
                                                                                  Sacred Inipi (sweat lodge)
                                                                                  Lectures on Native American Spirituality

As a Metis elder and the spiritual lead for the Circles of Empowerment, Hua offers individual healings, counseling and ceremony, as well as making available various ceremonies and teachings for larger groups.  She offers spiritual leadership and training for a wide variety of audiences including youth, younger men and women, parents, and women transitioning to the grandmother lodge.  She is grateful for the presence of elders and grandmothers in her community and thanks and welcomes all who come in a spirit of love and support, with offerings for the greater good.

Hua offers soul retrieval, power totem retrieval, house blessings, private spiritual counsel, personal cleansing rituals, Tarot and Medicine Card readings, Channeled spirit readings, and Wedding ceremonies.  She facilitates prayer circles for expectant mothers, memorials and family gatherings, and pours water for the sacred Inipi (sweat lodge) ceremony; she leads a Full Moon circle in Arroyo Grande and presents lectures and teachings on various aspects of Native American and Medicine Way spirituality. 

Feel free to contact Hua either by email or call her at (805) 481 0892 with any questions.  Please scroll down for Hua's more detailed descriptions of these various offerings.

 For Individuals

 Soul Retrieval

Soul retrieval is a shamanic practice, part of a long standing ancient shamanic tradition of journeying to dimensional worlds beyond the ordinary plane of material reality in order to gain new insights about what is happening in the here and now. Soul retrieval honors the knowing that illness and diseases can start in non-physical worlds, and have their root in non-physical causes beyond the reach of ordinary medical practices.

My particular soul retrieval practice is informed by many previous lifetimes as a healer, as well as decades of deep experience in this one as a certified massage therapist and spiritual counselor. During the soul retrieval, I journey to various spiritual dimensions and, with the guidance of my spirit helpers and guides, bring back some of the broken soul pieces which have gone missing from the seeker's spirit and psyche.

The process can be intense and rewarding, and I have seen many people gain great benefit from receiving back these missing pieces. 'Soul loss' is a significant issue in our modern world and soul retrieval is one of the major antidotes to that debilitating problem.

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 Power Totem Retrieval

Not only is shamanic journeying done for the collecting and repair of broken or lost soul pieces, as in Soul Retrieval, but journeying is also done to retrieve other kinds of important spiritual information. For instance, one can journey to meet a power animal, or even several of them.  Certainly you can have more than one power animal.  Power animals are kindred energies, ally energies.  A person may walk, talk, look and act in ways that correspond to one of their totem energies.  For example, owl is a strong ally energy of mine, and that allows me to see into the darkness that people can carry within.


The search for the power totem is also linked to the seeking of a person’s medicine name.  It can take a long time to discover a person’s power totem and medicine name.  I was given a method for how to hunt a person’s name; it can not rushed, and in rare instances may even take years. The name indicates the primary nature of a person, and is confirmed several times by me as I undertake the journeying, meditations and dream time encounters on behalf of a seeker.  The power name or medicine name a person receives is the name put forward for them, and not only will it lift them up and let them shine, but it will also challenge them to reach higher, to live up to their name.


Power totems tell us about hidden aspects of ourselves.  Just as you would want to know about the astrological information which surrounds the time and place of your birth, so too the power totems which are associated with you will reveal things about your character.  It is an innate part of our journey on this Mother Earth to remember that we are all a part of Creation, and we should know the stuff, the "grits" of which we ourselves are made.  I believe that this is a search that a person can do for themselves, through animal cards, journeying and dream time, but I do get a lot of tobacco passed to me from those who want help in this area.

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 House Blessings (cleansing & protection)

Blessing a house or any kind of space that you plan to spend time in is very important. Regardless of whether that house is new or old, but most especially if it has previously been lived in by someone else, you want to cleanse and protect a home, business, room, ceremonial place, camping place and even sweat lodge. This ritual is about cleaning out all the residual energies – excitement, anger, sexuality, lust – left by others so that the space is clear for only your energy and the feelings and intentions that you bring in with you. So my cleansing first clears the space of any of those residual energies and then I bless and protect the space to be a safe, healthy space that promotes your good intentions for whatever you plan to undertake there.

Before I first moved into my current house, where the Church of Empowerment also shares the space and the land and we have teachings, Full Moon circles, sweat lodge and other offerings, before I even got here, I would drive by and lay down tobacco. That was for three months; I would come by and make tobacco offerings, promise to live in a sacred way, to bring only good juju with me and to live in a respectful manner. When you lay down the offerings of sacred herbs – the sage, the tobacco, the cedar and copal - you promise to live in a good way and you ask for the blessing of a safe place, of a sanctuary. The blessing and protecting of a new environment is a very important ceremony that can have a deep influence on the way you experience your time in any given location. It should not be overlooked.

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 Private Spiritual Counseling

A lot of people are unclear even how to ask for this kind of spiritual assistance, but if someone comes to me with a bit of tobacco, looking for help, I am going to assume that person is in some kind of spiritual need, or even in spiritual crisis.  Most problems have some spiritual dimension.  

This offering is an intuitive reading on my part.  I look to discover what the gift may be in the problem that presents itself.  I offer the seeker a reflection, a spiritual reflection, and I offer a listening to the problem.  I see what solutions offer themselves.  And I would likely back that up with a smudging, an energetic cleansing (see below).

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 Personal Cleansing Ritual

A person may come to me feeling as though they have been psychically or energetically attacked. They may feel as though something negative has been attached, sucking their energies away. We call this feeling being shot with “dark arrows.” I use sacred powerful medicines that have been passed to me through the years, to cut the ties of attachment, the energetic cables and wires which I can see attached to that person. I use special eyes and other clair-senses: guides, listening - my whole bag of tricks - to clean up what is not theirs, that which has gotten in the way, attached to where it does not belong.

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 Tarot and Medicine Card Readings

I have been reading cards since I was 18, when I got my first deck, and I have been reading ever since. I come from a tradition that allows you to see what Creator
wants you to know, in a co-creative manner, what you have conjured up for yourself. It is a wonderful tool that lets you know the potential of what can be happening for you. I use the Ryder-Waite deck and 30 years of reading expereince.

As for the Medicine Cards, I really admire the courage it took for Jamie Sams to create that deck. We can use the connection with nature to guide us, to tell us what we need to hear. The four legged's can help us and they have something to say. It is up to us to listen, and cards are one good way to receive such messages.

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 Channeled Spirit Readings

I have been doing this work since 1985, or even earlier. I just sit with the individual and channel their spirit people. Everyone comes in with helper spirits, just as everyone has made an agreement. It is a big deal being here on planet Earth. Some helper spirits come forward at different times in one's life, and they are often very enthusiastic that there is a listening going on. I often have to buffer that, as I have found that people are very fragile or susceptible to these helper spirit messages. I don't contact the dead relatives of this lifetime – my work is aimed to communicating with these helper spirits and guiding the person as to their meaning.

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 As a Facilitator at Prayer Circles:


The weddings I officiate over are usually languaged differently than most other weddings.  I meet a few times with the couple to learn about the nature of their relationship and to offer them some guidance.  A pledge to one another is a sacred committment.  I have no problem with same sex marriages either.  I like to speak to The Mastery of Love by Master Don Ruiz.  He is so eloquent on the fostering of the Self in relationship.

We design and choreograph the wedding around what the couple wants. Normally I do not use the identical vows one hears over and over at traditional weddings. We do it a little bit differently.  We incorporate the symbolism of the ring, the wedding vase, the four directions, the medicine wheel of their life.  We may do this in a natural setting, such as at the beach or some other special outdoor location.

We can arrange multiple ceremonies, if this is a good idea.  Once we had a beautiful couple with gorgeous proportions rather scantily clad in native clothes during their initial private ceremony.  This was the "real" wedding for them, and then we did a second ceremony - more conventional and traditional to satisfy and placate the family.  There are many possibilities for achieving the right degree of sacredness during this special committment to one another.

 Blessing Way

This sweet and special ceremony is about bringing a new mother to be, a pregnant woman, into the Mother Lodge for the first time.  This supports her journey into motherhood.  This is not a "baby shower" - if anything, it is a "pregnant woman  shower" - offering support for her.  The ceremony is the birthing of the woman into the Mother Lodge, with support for her health, the health of the child and whatever she needs to help her in her process, her Beauty Way to a new place in her life's journey. There are gifts, supplies for foot baths and treatments for her body.  Red clothing is strictly forbidden.  The ceremony is an acknowldegement that becoming a mother changes utterly and forever one's way in life.  The women join together in a tying together of the wrists, a sharing of the umbilicus, and this thread is worn until it falls off as a way to keep everyone tied into their prayers for that new mother.


This is an essential ceremony, to mourn and grieve the physical departure of one's loved ones.  I reassure everyone that the loved one is still available, even though not present in the usual sense.  I make sure that everyone uses their voice, has something to say, a chance to say their words.  Everyone present is there due to their connection to the loved one, and people truly need to speak to that.  This can be done either graveside or at the reception. It is a necessary healing event.  Perhaps it is a time to give away personal items. It is a sensitive, tender time, a renewal process for those whose lives go one afterwards.

 Family Gatherings

This ceremony is somewhat similar to a memorial but it is only one family that comes together.  They may do a sweat lodge or a prayer circle.  This is a good ceremony to share at a family reunion - to renew and affirm an ancestral lineage, before the libations begin.

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 Community Offerings:

 Full Moon Ceremony for women

I have been leading this ceremony for over twenty three years now.  It was passed down to me by a Chumash sister, a very beloved friend of mine, Cynthia Hornesto, who asked me to carry this ceremony forward for her and so I do.  It is a woman's ceremony that creates a traditional sacred space in which one truly affirms one's relationship to the Mother Earth and all things.  We ask for guidance to help caretake our Earth Mother, to appreciate and help this garden that sustains us, and to remember our role as the children of the many generations that have come before us and to pass on a better world to the many generations that will come after us.  This is a good first ceremony for women to come and explore the Medicine Way, to gain an appreciation of the sisterhood which sustains us, and to learn more about the Church of Empowerment community which supports the Long Dance.

 Sacred Inipi (sweat lodge) ceremony

This is the Sacred Inipi - the sacred purification - Lodge.  The Sweat Lodge is a ceremony where we come and enter our Church, symbolically curved like a turtle's back.  It is completely dark when it is covered. In every aspect, this lodge is sacred.  How we build it is sacred, and when, and where.  We don't build a multi-million dollar church.  It is simple. Willow and Earth.

Willow is bowed over our head and we bring in the rocks, the ancient elders.  We acknowledge the rock elders as the most ancient beings on our planet.  Everything has water in it, and so they live.  We heat these living rocks in a sacred fire, guarded over by Fire Keepers who know how to make a sacred fire. They heat the rocks in a sacred way and bring them into the center of our Church.  We come into the Lodge humbly, on our hands and knees, saying "For all my relations," acknowledging that we are all connected.  We pray, offering gratitude and prayers for what we have, and asking petitions for what we have not.

It is a physiological offering - including the sweat from our bodies and also a cleansing of the toxins.  But it is also an emotional and spiritual release as well.  We wash our spirits clean.  We can lay out all our concerns and know that the elders hear us, they hear our concerns and our prayers are answered.  You get what you pray for.  It is powerful.

We honor the water in that Church - the life giving force for all.  It sits on a little altar that we make in that Lodge.  I like to give some of that water to everyone in that Lodge.

 Lectures on Native American Spirituality

I offer teachings in my classes held at the Church grounds, and sometimes I give lectures as a speaker.  I offer the native viewpoint of our relationship to the planet, my perspective from a Native American consciousness.  I offer topics such as "We Are All Relations," "The Moon Lodge: Mooning Women From an Original People's Perspective," which explains how women carry their power, and "The Medicine Wheel and its Perspectives."  These talks are accessible, affordable and easily offered in various settings.  It does not require an elaborate set up for me to offer these teachings to a broader public.

I also offer teachings in a series, such as "Empowerment Through Ritual and Ceremony," which has a few levels for both beginning and more advanced students.  I am collecting these teachings in a book with my ghost writer Tobey Crockett and we hope to have the first book available 2010-2011.

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