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My intention is to make my art more widely available and to promote a larger community of wellness with my healing skills and spirit services. The jewelry artistry that I am offering comes from a place of energetic enhancement, achieved by marrying metaphysical properties into pieces of power for healing and protection. 

All of the stones have been chosen with healing principles in mind. Many of these pieces can be worn as equally well by men as women, and custom orders can incorporate elements of your own choosing, for instance, special combinations of gemstones or focal pieces that have come to you asking for a place in your life.

I offer various styles, recognizing that we are not always all one thing but may prefer variety and the opportunity to mix it up.

CEREMONIAL BEST: Is a mix of Tribal, Goddess, and Native Medicine Jewelry.


PETITE: Is delicate & light.

MULTIPLE PIECE SETS: Are a combination of Necklaces with Matching Earrings (on French hook) & or bracelets. (On stretch cord)

CUSTOM ORDERS: Please contact Hua directly for all custom orders.

In keeping with my concerns for a larger wellness of community, I have been very thoughtful in the pricing of each piece to reflect the current economy, with virtually all pieces priced under $100. These reasonable prices are intended to allow everyone to adorn themselves with beauty, love and the spiritual caring we all need to make this a better world. Thank you for going to visit
my shop



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